Improve Yourself

The energy value of a topic directly correlates with its desirability. The higher in energy value is a topic, the greater is the degree to which it raises your energy value and thus the greater is the degree to which it improves the way you feel as you think about it. Therefore, your own energy value directly corresponds with your own desirability.

The greater is your personal desirability in all respects, the higher must your energy value be. Thus, your energy value may be raised just by increasing your own desirability. And the greater is the degree to which your personal desirability is increased, the higher must your energy value become too.

Ergo, by improving yourself in all areas of your life, you may thus increase your energy level so that you may feel better while also increasing your personal desirability which in turn will make you more attractive from the perspective of others while also making it easier for you to accomplish your goals. The more desirable does your personal desirability become, the more desirable will be the goals you will ultimately achieve too since like attracts like and the desirability of the goals which you are able to achieve must correspond with your personal desirability.

Being that who you are is essentially an energy value that is defined by the energy value of your thoughts, your personal desirability thus becomes equivalent to the desirability of your average thought. For this reason, you may easily increase your personal desirability so that you may accomplish your goals with greater ease just by increasing the desirability of every one of your thoughts. The desirability of a thought may be determined by assessing the desirability of the experience a thought provides. The more extensively do you enjoy the experience you have while thinking a thought, the greater is that thought's desirability and the greater is the degree to which the thinking of that thought is increasing your self-worth.

Furthermore, your self-worth may also be increased solely by increasing your personal activity. The degree of activity an individual undergoes directly correlates with their energy level. Therefore, the greater is your activity, the higher does your energy value become and thus the more desirable do you become.

You can even increase your personal desirability on a purely emotional basis if so desired. The degree of positivity which you are experiencing in any given moment directly indicates the degree to which you are personally improving as a person. The more desirable are the emotions being experienced in any given period of time, the more desirable are you becoming as a person. Therefore, your personal desirability may be measured purely from the perspective of the desirability of your emotional state. As you find ways to continually increase the desirability of the emotional state you are experiencing, you will simultaneously experience improvements in your physical state of being that increase your personal desirability to the same degree.