Persistence Is Success

Success is the attainment of a higher energy value than the one that was previously maintained and persistence is a continual movement in the direction of a higher energy value. In this way, persistence becomes a series of small successes that ultimately lead to the grander success being pursued. By viewing the Universe from a vibrational perspective, you may then realize that all you ever do is experience an emotional state and the ultimate success being sought after is thus also an emotional state. Therefore, persistence is the gradual improvement of your emotional state thereby increasing the likeness of your present emotion to the desired one. And the more extensive is the persistence, the more alike in nature does your emotional state become to the one being sought after.

Furthermore, relativistic effects indicate that there are many degrees of persistence. For instance, most people consider persistence from an absolute perspective in that you are either continuing your pursuit of a goal or making the decision to focus upon something else. While this is so, it may also be viewed from the perspective of specific time periods as well. For instance, you can assess the degree to which you are being persistent in thinking a particular thought by measuring the length of time for which you are able to maintain your focus upon it. The longer for which you are able to maintain your focus upon the chosen thought, the more persistent are you being in that particular moment.

Persistence also manifests itself in the form of the degree of mental intensity that is maintained as a desire is pursued. The more intense and earnest are your efforts in attempting to attain a particular desire, the greater is your persistence in its pursuit, due to your energy value rising faster, and thus the greater is the extent to which the desire is being fulfilled as a result of your efforts.