Will You Enjoy It?

As you begin to realize that your thoughts really do affect the nature of your reality, you will likely develop concerns as to whether or not you will actually enjoy that which is being created by a particular thought. While it may seem to be rather difficult to discern exactly what type of experiences a thought might create, it is actually quite easy to do so once you become familiar with the underlying mechanisms by which the law of attraction turns thoughts into experiences.

For starters, the vibrational content of the experience a thought creates must match the vibrational content of the thought itself. Such vibrational content is made apparent in both the nature of the thought and the emotion the thought produces. Therefore, you may simply assess the nature of the thought itself to see whether or not it provides you with a desirable experience in its own right and you can assess the desirability of the feeling that is produced by the thought to determine whether or not you will enjoy the experience it will ultimately create.

Furthermore, along with identifying whether or not you will enjoy the experience once it arrives, you can even determine the extent to which you will find it to be enjoyable. This is easily done since it is the degree of emotion a thought produces that indicates the degree to which you will either enjoy or not enjoy the experience it creates. The more enjoyable do you find the emotions a thought produces, the more enjoyable will be the experience it creates since the experience will produce the precisely same emotions as the thought.