Consistency Of Vibrations Principle

The Universe is a construct of uniformly distributed energy throughout. The vibrations surrounding any system increase in likeness to the system the closer in proximity you become to it. The result is a uniformly distributed system of energy that follows a gradient pattern of increasing likeness of vibration to the system as you approach it. This consistency of vibrations found in all structures applies to time as well though in that a system typically maintains a fairly constant rate of vibration from moment to moment while following a gradient pattern that gradually changes over time as the system's vibration averages with the vibrations of surrounding systems.

This consistency of vibrations principle is the direct result of vibration averaging since not only is a system constantly averaging with the vibrations of surrounding systems, but it is also constantly averaging with itself thereby giving rise to the stability of structures found throughout the Universe. It is this natural tendency of vibrations to come to a state of equilibrium with one another that gives rise to the phenomenon whereby all points in space maintain a wholly unique vibration since the closer an object becomes to any point in spacetime, the greater is the degree to which its vibration must average with that of surrounding systems.

This is the fundamental reason why your vibration must match the vibration of a desire being manifested since in order for you to approach the system that is the desire's manifestation, your vibration must be of perfect likeness to its own or else you would be in a different area of spacetime, and even if you could approach the system of your desire's manifestation, the difference in the frequency of your vibration to that of the desire would thus fundamentally alter the vibration of the manifestation thereby changing the nature of the experience it provides. This also accounts for the phenomenon of your getting closer to your desire's manifestation as your thoughts increase in likeness to it since your thoughts are the perception of vibrations and thus their nature indicates your location within spacetime.

The effects of vibration averaging become stronger the closer in proximity does an object become to another object due to the more extensive interactions that take place between their two vibrations as they get closer to one another and this gives rise to the inverse square law of gravity. For instance, there is a very strong tendency to average with the vibration of Saturn at its core, but only an infinitesimally small tendency to do so on the other side of the galaxy.

Relativity also affects the consistency of vibrations principle in that the scale of the system being viewed affects its consistency throughout. For instance, the vibration of Saturn is consistent throughout its body, yet the consistency of the vibrations becomes less harmonized with Saturn the further you go from its core, but the vibrations will at a certain point then become consistent with the vibrations of the solar system as a whole.