Sensitivity To Negativity

Emotional sensitivity is typically viewed as a drawback since it makes a person overly sensitive to the world around them. In reality though, such sensitivity is actually of immense importance since it is the direct result of a person maintaining a rather high vibrational frequency relative to the world around them. The higher is your personal energy value, the greater is the reduction in your energy value when your vibration is exposed to a low frequency vibration. Thus, the emotion that is produced by a particular negative thought increases in its strength as your energy value rises. In other words, a negative thought considered at one time may not produce very significant negative emotion within you, but once your energy value rises, the negative emotion that thought produces will then become stronger to the degree your energy value has been raised.

This phenomenon is of particular importance in reference to the manifesting of your desires, since your sensitivity to negativity in relation to your desires will increase as you approach their manifestation by raising your energy value. For instance, as you consider a particularly desirable thought about that which is wanted, any negativity that may enter your mind at this point will have a substantial impact on your psyche since it will immediately reduce your energy value and thus increase the apparent distance to the manifestation of your desire.

While such a phenomenon is not easily countered, it is quite helpful to be familiar with this effect so that whenever your thoughts begin to approach infinite likeness to the desire being manifested, you will then be prepared for the unsettling feeling that may be produced by any negativity that enters your mind at this point. By immediately countering such negativity with even more aggressive positivity though, you will be able to instantly restore your energy value to its original point and perhaps even raise it even higher to thereby further close the gap between your personal energy value and the energy value of your desire.