Synchronous Manifestations

While every event is caused by a thought of a like nature, every event is not necessarily caused by a single thought. Every thought you think is of a specific vibration, but the vibration of each thought is averaged together with every other thought you think thereby giving rise to your average vibration. Thus, every event is the result of the average thought you think. Therefore, every manifestation is the natural result of many thoughts and events working in combination to give rise to the manifestation.

This is precisely how thoughts combine together to give rise to events of a considerably greater magnitude than just a single thought. While a single thought may not give rise to a significant event, many thoughts of a like nature may do so if considered within a similar time period. In this way, your thoughts generate a considerable effect when working in unison since the thinking of many like-natured thoughts results in your personal vibration becoming extensively harmonized with the average vibration of the thoughts being considered.

This is also the same effect that often leads to a significant event as a result of many insignificant events of a like nature working in unison to produce it. In other words, most events are the result of many like-natured events preceding them thereby giving rise to a highly amplified form of the less significant events that took place earlier in time.

This phenomenon gives rise to a rather powerful ability that anyone may utilize by thinking a multitude of like-natured thoughts in order to produce an event that is of the average nature of the thoughts that created it. Furthermore, you may also create many insignificant events of a like nature to give rise to a more substantial event that is of a like nature to the events that created it. The more harmonized are the thoughts and events created in this manner, and the greater in number are such thoughts and events, the more significant will be the event that is produced by this effect.