Immediate Effects

Due to the vibrational nature of the Universe, every thought produces an immediate effect by altering the vibration of your reality. This alteration is made apparent in the form of additional thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences that are of a nature like the thought that created them.

One of the greatest difficulties encountered while manifesting is the perceived delay that exists between the formation of a desire and its ultimate fulfillment. While such a delay is relatively short-lived from a broader perspective, this delay is nonetheless long enough to oftentimes discourage people from pursuing the fulfillment of their grandest dreams. The reason people become discouraged though is not because their desire goes unfulfilled, but it is actually due to their not understanding how the Universe actually works.

In the very moment you think a thought, your reality instantly begins to transform to match the nature of this thought. This is the natural result of the vibration of the thought acting upon the vibration of your reality to produce a new vibration that is of a greater likeness to the thought being considered. Thus, there truly is no delay between the formation of a desire and its fulfillment since every desire immediately begins to be fulfilled in the thinking of it due to your reality immediately becoming more alike in nature to the desire being manifested.

The way in which your reality manifests this increased likeness is first made apparent in additional thoughts that are of a greater likeness to the desire being created. Such thoughts also alter your emotional state thereby making your emotional state more alike in nature to the emotional state you would maintain were your desire to become a reality. Such thoughts and emotions then lead to your taking of actions that are further harmonized with your desires than the actions you were previously taking. All of these thoughts, emotions, and actions then combine together to form new experiences that are of a greater likeness to the desire being created.

The natural conclusion that should be derived from your familiarity with this effect is an understanding that your desires begin to manifest instantly no matter how grand of a desire they may be. In the second you begin to think about your desire, your thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences begin to reflect the nature of the desire to a greater extent and this effect takes place no matter how outlandish your desire may be. Thus, you can now proceed with the process of manifesting your desires while knowing that every thought you think manifests and all of your desires are in the process of manifesting as a result of thinking thoughts that match their nature.