What Is A Manifestation?

A manifestation is a state of reality that matches a desire being created. In other words, a manifestation is the result of your vibration becoming extensively harmonized with the vibration of a desire to the degree that is necessary for a substantial manifestation to arise. Therefore, a manifestation is the result of your being exposed to a vibration that matches a desire to an extent that a reality matching the desire is then perceived.

Due to the nature of manifestations being as so described, manifestations thus become a matter of degrees in that your desire is manifesting to a certain degree in your every thought of it, and the more extensively is the desire considered, the more apparent does its manifestation within your reality become. Therefore, the process of manifesting a desire becomes the process of attempting to expose yourself to the vibration of your desire as extensively as possible through thoughts of a nature matching its own. The more thoughts you think that match the nature of your desire, and the greater is their likeness to the nature of the desire, the more extensively is your desire manifesting within your reality.

Due to all of reality being composed of energy in the form of vibrations of various frequencies, all of reality is perceived in the form of emotions since emotions are the result of perceiving such vibrations. Therefore, all manifestations are emotions of a nature matching the desire being created. Ergo, the experience of witnessing a desire's manifestation is really the experiencing of an emotional state matching the nature of the desire. Thus, as you find yourself experiencing the emotion you would be experiencing were your desire to manifest, you are at that moment experiencing the manifestation of your desire in precisely the same way you would be experiencing it were your desire to become a reality.