Individual Realities

Reality from the perspective of the individual is the unique set of vibrations to which they are exposed. Thus, as the vibrations to which you are exposed change, so changes the nature of the reality being perceived. Relativity affects the perception of vibrations too though in that everyone perceives a different set of vibrations thereby giving rise to individual realities.

Therefore, the reality you perceive differs in nature from the reality others perceive since the vibrations to which you are exposed differ in nature from the vibrations to which they are exposed. This phenomenon gives rise to an interesting effect when a person attempts to manifest their reality, because while the vibrations you perceive differ in frequency from the vibrations others around you perceive, you are nonetheless typically perceiving relatively similar vibrations to one another when using your senses. Even so, the ability to think gives you access to a whole realm of vibrations to which others around you may not have immediate access to due to their vibrating at a different frequency than yourself.

The natural result of this effect when manifesting is the perception of a completely different reality than that which is being perceived by those around you. In this way, as you attempt to manifest your desires, you will begin to vibrate in harmony with their vibration to a greater degree, yet those who are around you will continue to vibrate in harmony with the state of the reality in its present form. Naturally, this will give rise to a completely separate reality that differs considerably in nature from the reality in which you begin.

This effect temporarily results in your existing within a reality of which others are completely unaware, yet this reality is just as real as the reality everyone else around you perceives to be their actual reality. As your vibration increases in harmony with the desires being manifested though, so increases the likeness of your physical reality to the desires being created. As a result of this increased harmony of your physical reality with that which is being created, others around you will begin to gain access to the information pertaining to your desires to which you have become harmonized.

This process ultimately leads to the fusing of your reality with the realities others perceive as their own realities thereby resulting in the manifestation of your desire. Thus, as you attempt to manifest your desires, you will likely encounter resistance in the form of others not believing in your ability to make your dreams come true, but in reality, dreams immediately become true in the moment you begin to think about them and they continue to become a more integral part of the mutual reality that is shared with everyone else with each additional thought of them.