Mastering Determinism

Determinism is the natural result of thought attraction, since in the thinking of a particular thought, thoughts of a like nature are automatically attracted unto you due to your vibration becoming increasingly harmonized with the frequency of the thought. Thus, as your attention is given to a particular topic within your immediate reality while using your senses, you instantly begin to attract thoughts relating to that topic.

This phenomenon is quite powerful too in that the thoughts that are attracted unto you must match the nature of the topic being considered. You can easily make the most of this effect by deliberately choosing that which is given your attention while using your senses. Once a topic has been chosen, and your attention is centered upon it, you will immediately begin to experience it through your senses. In doing so, your vibration will become increasingly harmonized with that topic.

The inevitable result will be the attraction of thoughts relating to that topic. Therefore, the more desirable is the point of focus chosen to receive your attention, the more desirable will be the thoughts that are automatically attracted unto you as a result of engaging in this process.