Natural Consequences

The Universe is based upon the principle of cause and effect at a fundamental level. Thus, every experience is the effect of a cause matching its nature. From the perspective of the individual, this relationship exists in the form of thoughts that create matching experiences.

Every thought you think produces an effect that is an experience of a matching nature. The very first effect produced by a thought is the emotional response it induces within you. The emotional response a thought generates is the vibration of the thought rippling throughout your body. Emotions are thus of the same vibration as the thoughts that create them.

The effect of a thought not only produces an emotional response though. Every thought also affects the nature of the future thoughts you think and the various actions you take. The nature of every effect produced by a thought arises in precisely the same manner as emotions too. Ergo, the nature of every effect a thought produces is of the same nature as the thought. In other words, the vibration of every thought ripples throughout spacetime thereby creating a future that is of precisely the same vibration as the thought that created it. The natural consequence of this effect is always a future that is of a nature like that of the present.

This gives rise to a rather impressive ability that anyone may harness by taking control of their thoughts and emotions. By controlling the nature of the thoughts and emotions you experience now, you can maintain a certain degree of control over the nature of future events. Plus, you can now choose the best thoughts you can find that produce the most ideal emotional responses possible to create a future for yourself that will be of a matching nature.