The Power Of Emotion

Emotions are the single most important indicators of vibration at your disposal as you attempt to manifest your desires. Your emotions are extremely important since they indicate the nature of the vibrations to which you are being exposed. Since you are always moving into a specific vibration that is of a nature matching the vibration that is producing your present emotions, you are always moving into a reality that will produce the same emotion you are experiencing in the present moment.

In this way, emotions contain an exceptional amount of power since they give you the ability to experience the future in the present in that every emotion you experience is the vibration of the future being created by your present thought. Thus, you do not have to wait for your desires to manifest before you may start enjoying them since they begin to manifest instantly in the thought of them due to every emotion you experience being a manifestation of the future that is being created.

Ergo, there is tremendous power in the emotions you experience since they also provide you with the ability to have any experience you desire. In the instant you begin to think about that which is desired, an emotional state that corresponds with that desire is immediately produced. This emotion is of the same nature as the emotion you would be experiencing were your desire to actually manifest too.

Since emotions are the perception of the energy to which you are exposed in life, every experience is thus emotional in nature since every experience is really just the experiencing of a specific emotional state. Therefore, in the moment you begin to experience the emotion that matches the manifestation of your desire, your desire is then manifesting and continues to do so for as long as the emotion matching it is experienced.