Experiencing The Future

It is often wondered what a particular thought will create. It is also often attempted to control the nature of the future through the taking of various logical steps that will somehow alter the nature of the future to better suit one's needs. While on occasion such a method of manipulating the future does turn out to be effective, it often does not and this is for a very good reason. The reason this method of manipulating the future often does not work in a desired manner is due to the fundamental nature of the world being different from that which is traditionally considered to be true.

It is most commonly believed that the Universe is a finite structure composed of finite parts in the form of atoms that form a solid three-dimensional structure that changes thereby giving rise to its fourth dimension of time. Each dimension is believed to be remarkably stable and thus allows for its manipulation to suit anyone's preferences. The result is that of an attempt to identify the present state of reality so that an accurate formation of a prediction relating to its future state may be formulated. The natural outcome is always that of the acquisition of an incomplete set of information due to the Universe actually being infinite which in turn always results in unpredictable outcomes to a certain degree.

In reality, the Universe is an infinite set of energy values and you perceive such energy values in the form of emotions. Thus, all that you ever experience is an emotional state of a nature matching the nature of your chosen thought. Ergo, all that you ever create through your thought is an emotional state. Furthermore, your location within spacetime is always indicated by the nature of your emotional state, and as your emotional state changes, so changes your location within spacetime. Thus, you may only change the nature of future realities by manipulating your emotional state since the changing of your emotional state in the present will change your future position within spacetime.

Therefore, in order to manipulate the future, you must choose an emotional state in the present that matches the desired future emotional state. This is the only way to actually create the future since any other attempt to manipulate the future in a logical manner will likely only result in your experiencing of a less than desirable emotional state that will produce less than desirable results due to the results having to produce an emotional state within you that matches the emotional state that created them.

For example, if you are concerned about the present condition of reality and the manner in which it is unfolding, you will likely try to take various logical steps to protect yourself from unwanted future potentialities. While such an action may seem perfectly reasonable from the perspective of someone who believes in the merits of logic, this action will only produce a future in which you are concerned to an even greater degree since the maintaining of such an emotional state will only move you into an area of spacetime that is even more conducive to this emotional state.

Ergo, the only proper way to navigate an energy-based universe is the method of choosing the emotional state you want to experience in the future. In doing so, you will immediately begin to experience the future in the form of the chosen emotional state. The natural result of such a choice will be the experiencing of a desirable emotional state in the present which in turn will move you into an even more desirable area of spacetime that will inevitably amplify the chosen emotional state to an even greater degree in the future.