Only Experiencing Emotion

Emotions are the perception of changes in your personal vibration. Such changes indicate that your energy value is either rising or decreasing depending on whether it is experienced as positive or negative emotion. Therefore, all that you ever experience in life is based in emotions since everything is composed of energy and your perception of the world is derived from the perceiving of such energy. Thus, whichever topic you may choose as your primary point of focus, you are actually only ever perceiving emotions of a nature matching the topic being considered.

For this reason, the only way to properly navigate the world would be in a manner that only takes emotions into account. For instance, rather than taking a variety of variables relating to each topic into account, all that must be considered is its emotional content. Ergo, the more desirable are the emotions being experienced as you give a particular point of focus your attention, the more desirable is the topic being considered since the fundamental essence of the topic is the emotional state that is produced as you focus upon it.

Now that you understand that the whole world is composed of a multitude of energy states perceived as emotions, you can navigate it properly by only giving your attention to the topics that produce the most desirable emotional states possible. Additionally, due to the structure of this energy-based universe, as you give your attention to a particular emotional state, your personal energy value begins to match it. Your personal energy value indicates your unique position within spacetime too. As your energy value changes, so changes your location within spacetime. A rising energy value indicates you are moving into an area of spacetime that is more extensively energized than your previous location.

In other words, the commonest emotional states of which you are aware increase in desirability as your energy value rises since whenever your energy value rises you are then surrounded by higher energy states which are represented as more desirable emotions. Thus, in the giving of your attention to the most desirable emotional states possible, not only are you experiencing an instantaneous manifestation of the topic being focused upon in the form of the experienced emotion, but you are actually moving into a more desirable area of spacetime that will result in an improvement in the quality of your thoughts and emotions to the degree your emotional state is improved.