Emotional Harmony

Everything being the perception of energy that is perceived in the form of a particular degree of happiness matching each unique thought thus indicates that all you ever experience is a degree of happiness. Therefore, your reality consists of a series of happiness states of differing energy values. As your energy value changes, so changes the nature of your reality and vice versa.

Due to the vibrational structure of the Universe requiring that only like-natured vibrations be near to one another as a result of the equilibrium effects that would otherwise occur, whichever state of happiness you happen to select, as is defined by the desirability of your thought, depicts the various states of happiness of which you are within range. Thus, as you increase the degree of happiness you are experiencing, you are putting yourself within range of greater degrees of happiness of which you were not previously aware.

Another implication of this truth is the fact that your state of happiness must match the state of happiness produced by the fulfillment of a particular desire in order for the desire to be fulfilled, otherwise you would be experiencing a different reality that differs entirely from the state of happiness that matches the fulfillment of the desire. If your desire has yet to be fulfilled, the only reason for this disparity is your maintaining of an emotional disconnect between your present emotional state and the emotional state you would be maintaining were your desire to be fulfilled.

Therefore, since you would likely be quite happy were your desire to be fulfilled, you can get started on your journey towards its fulfillment immediately simply by making yourself feel happier. The important part in this process though is the task of making your emotional state match the emotional state you would be maintaining were your desire to become a reality for you. The more alike do your emotions become to this particular state, the closer to its fulfillment you are becoming and once your emotional state perfectly matches this particular state, your desire will then be manifesting.