Defining Every Factor

The emotional state you maintain, or the degree of happiness being experienced, is always of central importance due to its ability to define every factor present within your life experience. Every aspect of your life is defined by your personal vibration as is indicated by your emotional state. Thus, as your emotional state improves, so must increase the degree to which every aspect of your life makes you happy since they are integrally intertwined.

If your emotional state were to differ from the nature of your reality, your reality would then have to change to come to an equilibrium, vibrationally speaking, so that they may both match each other once again. In this way, you can easily determine the impact any given thought is having upon the nature of your reality, because the emotional state you maintain is always making the emotional state produced by your reality more alike in nature.

Therefore, as you improve your emotional state, the emotional state that is produced by every aspect of your reality must become more alike to that particular state. In other words, if you begin to convince yourself that you are extraordinarily happy, you will immediately begin to attract a reality full of things that will make you extraordinarily happy in return. Thus, the more you are able to improve your emotional state now, the greater will be the improvements seen within your life experience.

It is important to remember that this process is based entirely on the mechanics of a vibrational system coming to a state of equilibrium though. For this reason, you do not need a realistic reason found within your physical reality to be happy. In fact, the reason for your happiness can be completely imaginary and this effect must still occur as your vibration averages with that of your surroundings.

Thus, whether or not there are aspects of your life that make you blissfully happy, you can just find a way to imagine what it would be like to be blissfully happy to produce this effect and your reality must then change to match. The more frequently is this process engaged, and the more extensive is the degree of happiness produced in your use of it, the faster and grander will be its effects.