Making It Easy

Manifesting is the process of choosing your own thoughts and feelings for the purpose of creating a matching life experience. While this process is simple in its most basic form, the challenge here is the task of actually changing the nature of your thoughts and feelings to match your desires. This process essentially involves a complete transformation of your habitual thought patterns so that they may differ completely from the nature of your present reality.

There are many steps you can take to make such a challenge easier to handle though. For starters, try to view the process of making your thoughts match the nature of your desires as being easy. While you may not fully believe it to be easy at first, you will likely find the task of thinking about the fulfillment of your desires becoming easier with time.

The reason for this gradual change is the increased degree of harmony you will then maintain with the idea that it is indeed easy to change the nature of your thoughts. This harmonization process is also of tremendous value in the actual thinking of your desire too, for with each additional thought you think that matches your desire, the degree to which your personal vibration is harmonized with the desire increases. Thus, the more frequently you are able to find a way to think about your desire, the easier you will find it becoming for you to think additional thoughts about it.

Another technique you can use to make the process of thinking about your desires easier to manage is the process of exaggerating upon your idea of them. As you attempt to think exaggerated thoughts concerning your desire, you will then become harmonized with relatively high frequency vibrations that will greatly increase your personal energy value. Therefore, the greater are the exaggerations produced in relation to your desire, and the more frequently is this process utilized, the greater will be the gains in your energy value and the closer in proximity you will become to the energy value of your true desire.