Thought Is Everything

All that you ever experience in life is only but a thought. Thus, the nature of your thoughts encompasses the nature of your reality and as your thoughts change, so changes the nature of reality. Perhaps even more importantly though, the nature of your thought defines your position within spacetime along with a multitude of additional variables.

For instance, the nature of your thought not only defines that which you are thinking at present, but it also indicates that which you have been thinking in the past and that which you will be thinking in the future. Furthermore, your present thought defines where you are at present, where you have been in the past, and where you will be in the future. Ergo, your present thought represents that which is happening, has happened, and will happen.

As the nature of a physical location is only represented by a thought of that particular location, your present thought clearly represents where you are at present. Every change in the nature of your thought corresponds with an equal change in the nature of your location within spacetime. Therefore, the answer to the question of where you are is always equal to the nature of your present thought.

The nature of your thought also defines less tangible variables too. For instance, who and what you are is explicitly defined by the nature of your thoughts. The very essence of your being is contained within every thought you think and such thoughts go on to sculpt the physical manifestation of who you are in the real world while also defining such factors as the reason why you exist and the degree to which you are happy. Even the quality, or desirability, of your life experience is always equal to the nature of your present thought. As your thought increases in desirability, so improves the desirability of your life experience to an equal degree.