A Perfect State Of Health

Since everything in existence consists of energy, so too does your body consist of energy. Thus, every state of your body is equal to a specific state of energy. Wellness corresponds with a higher energy value than that of illness and thus the higher is your personal energy level, as is depicted by your thoughts, the greater is the degree of wellness that is experienced.

With this knowledge comes the opportunity for you to maintain a perfect state of health by properly tending to your personal energy level. To properly maintain your state of health, you must be willing to take absolute control over the nature of the thoughts you think so that you may have absolute control over your personal emotional state.

Emotions are of prime importance to the maintaining of a healthy body as they indicate changes in your energy level. As you experience positive emotion, your energy level rises while negative emotion indicates a decrease in your energy level. Therefore, in order for a perfect state of health to be maintained, only positive emotion should be allowed into your experience so that your energy level may be maintained at a state that matches the energy value of wellness.

Clearly, the challenge inherent in this process is the changing of habitual thought. Your habitual thought patterns will likely override your ability to freely exercise your will power which in turn will result in your energy value returning to previously maintained states. With this in mind, you must always remember to take proper care with your thoughts so that you do not slip back into old habits of thought.

To get started down the path towards perfect health, you must first identify a high-energy thought. The chosen thought should be as pure as possible in that only a minimal degree of negativity arises in the thinking of it. Preferably, this thought should be purely positive as your state of health will be equal to the emotional state that is maintained while engaging in this process. Once such a thought has been identified, the next step in the process is simply the step of maintaining your focus upon this thought at all times. The degree to which this process will help you maintain a perfect state of health will correlate precisely with the degree to which you are able to maintain your focus purely upon the chosen high-energy thought.