Fundamentals Of Thought Attraction

The nature of thought is that of an infinitely varying energy value that changes from one energy value to the next as the nature of the thought so changes. Therefore, the greater is the degree to which the nature of a thought changes, the greater is the degree to which its energy value is thereby changed. Even so, the imperceptible changes from one thought to the next makes each successive thought of infinite likeness to that of the preceding thought. This phenomenon gives rise to the sensation that one is thinking the same thought when you are actually thinking an infinite number of unique thoughts in rapid succession.

The consistency of vibrations principle requires that two interacting vibrations must average together with one another and therefore the degradation in frequency from one vibration to that of a neighboring vibration is of infinite likeness from one to the next. The same principle applies to the vibration of thoughts. Therefore, the frequency of a thought that follows any particular thought must be of infinite likeness in nature, and thus frequency, to the preceding thought.

Here is where the attraction of thought comes into the picture, for as your personal energy value is set to the frequency of a particular thought, the succeeding thought absolutely must be of an infinitely like nature and thus a thought of a like nature is always naturally attracted to the thought that precedes it.

Thus, thoughts of a like nature are always attracted to one another and a thought of a dramatically different nature cannot ever follow a specific thought. This is of extreme importance to anyone who wants to deliberately create their life, because in the choosing of any given thought, you are actually setting your personal energy value, and in so doing, you are defining the very nature of all succeeding thoughts. Ergo, the more desirable is the thought you choose to think now, the higher in energy will be your personal energy value and thus the more desirable will be all succeeding thoughts that are attracted unto you as a result of thinking that particular thought.