Cause And Effect Universe

With everything being of vibration, and vibration averaging being the underlying mechanism upon which all actions take place, every effect must have a cause. The cause of every action is always that of a vibration and the frequency of the effected vibration is always equal in nature to that of the cause. Therefore, in order for your desires to manifest, there must first exist a cause in the form of a vibration that is of a frequency that matches the desired effect.

As every experience is a thought of a nature matching the experience, the manifestation of your desires would only be a thought of their manifesting. Therefore, in order for such a thought to arise, thoughts of a vibration matching that of the desired thought must first be considered. As your thoughts increase in likeness to that of the desired effect, so increases the likeness of the resulting manifestations to that of the the desired experience.

This process is constantly occurring though since every thought is a vibration of a specific energy level that thus has an effect of a matching vibration. Ergo, every thought you ever think has an effect that is equivalent in nature to that of the thought. Thus, the more desirable all of the thoughts you think become, the more desirable will be all of the effects those thoughts produce.