The Nature Of Gravity

The nature of gravity is that of vibration averaging. The location of an object within spacetime is equal to its unique energy value, for no two locations within spacetime are of precisely the same energy value due to the unique influences all of the vibrations throughout the Universe have on each point within spacetime. Furthermore, the closer in proximity an object becomes to a particular point in spacetime, the more alike must its vibration become to that particular point due to its vibration averaging with vibrations surrounding that point. Ergo, as an object changes in energy value, so changes its location within spacetime and vice versa.

Thus, due to the natural tendency of vibrations to average with one another as they interact, whenever two objects interact with one another, so are their vibrations averaged with each other thereby making their energy values of greater similarity. The increasing similarity of the two interacting objects results in the phenomenon of gravity that is the closing in proximity of the two objects towards one another within spacetime.

The structure of spacetime itself is that of an infinitely dense medium with each point of space being filled with particles approaching an infinitesimal size. It is the unique set of vibrations flowing through each point in spacetime that makes them unique and gives them an entirely unique vibration from that of every other point in spacetime. The illusion of a curvature of space is thus derived from the source of gravity being vibration averaging with objects following a tendency to move towards the center of the gravitational field of other objects as they average with their vibration thereby making their vibration more alike in nature to that of the object attracting them. Space therefore is not curved, but it is the paths of the objects themselves that curves to follow the path matching the changes in their energy value. Thus, as an object increases in likeness to the vibration of another object, it becomes increasingly closer within spacetime by following the spherical density pattern emanating from its center that is its vibration and thus as the object interacts with the vibration of another object, it continually moves deeper into its gravitational field as its vibration increases in likeness to that of the object to which it is being attracted.

Vibration averaging, gravity, is thus the primal cause of all effects within the Universe and it is the fundamental law of nature that defines the structure of reality, for as you give your attention to any vibration, its vibration is naturally averaged with your own due to the law of vibration averaging requiring all interacting vibrations to ultimately come to an equilibrium by averaging with one another which in turn defines your precise location within spacetime.

Therefore, the nature of your reality naturally becomes a better match to all of the vibrations to which you are exposed, as is indicated by the nature of your thoughts, thereby causing your movement into a location within spacetime that is of a greater likeness in nature to that of your thoughts as your personal vibration increases in likeness to their own.