The Nature Of Relativity

The nature of relativity is the difference in the various perspectives that may be maintained within this Universe. Such differences in perspective may only arise from multiple observers maintaining differing energy values from one another. As the nature of a thought is naturally equal to its energy value, the nature of the perspectives of two observers is thus equally as different as are their energy values different from one another.

This phenomenon causes far more than just a difference in opinion as to the timing of events and the paths charted by objects within them though. In particular, the desirability of a certain perspective is wholly dependent upon the difference in its energy value relative to your own with a greater energy value of the perspective making it all the more desirable. Ergo, as your energy value rises, so decreases the desirability of a static state perspective, such as a previously existent desire.

This accounts for the phenomenon whereby that which is desired becomes diminished in desirability once the desire has been fulfilled. This effect is easily countered by finding a thought relating to the desire that is of even greater desirability thereby establishing a difference between your energy value and that which is desired once again which in turn restores the pleasure that is derived from the giving of your attention to the desire that is equal to the degree such a difference causes your energy value to rise.

Furthermore, concepts such as good and bad are only the result of your unique perspective within the infinite and what might be considered to be good to you might not be considered to be good to another. Such relativity of desirability emphasizes the value of increasing the desirability of that which is desired as much as possible so that your are not limited by your unique perspective.

Another effect of relativity becomes quite apparent as you attempt to deliberately raise your energy value through the thinking of highly desirable thoughts. As your energy value rises, your perspective of the high frequency vibrations being focused upon is likewise adjusted. Such an increase in your energy value makes it more alike in frequency to that of the highly desirable thoughts being considered. Due to this increasing likeness, the desirability of the high frequency thoughts is thereby diminished, but perhaps even more importantly, the desirability of the previously maintained vibration that was displaced by a higher frequency vibration then becomes considerably less desirable.

As your vibration rises in frequency, the degree to which lower frequency vibrations make you feel bad is thereby increased and thus your sensitiveness to such vibrations is also increased. This particular phenomenon is of tremendous value though, because its presence clearly indicates that your frequency has increased in desirability and thus such a sensitiveness to lower frequency vibrations should be fully heeded so that you may readjust your focus by bringing your attention back to the high frequency thoughts that raised your vibration in the first place.