The Importance Of Dreaming Big

In this energy-based universe, you always get that which is given your attention without exception. For this reason, no matter what it is you happen to choose to focus on, it becomes inevitable that you will get more of it as your personal energy value becomes increasingly harmonized with it through your attention to it.

Therefore, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the choices you make in life, it is advisable that you make an earnest effort to dream big. By doing so, you will inevitably become harmonized with that which you choose to focus on and you will thereby continue to get more of it for as long as you remain focused upon it.

As the future will match the nature of your present thought, your future experiences will inevitably be filled with that which you choose to think about the most. The more desirable are such thoughts in the present, the more desirable will be the future that is created by the thinking of those thoughts. Ergo, the more effort you place into the act of dreaming big, the grander will your dream become and the more desirable will be the future reality your thoughts inevitably create.