For Goodness' Sake

The importance of a single person is of inestimable value to the world. Their unique perspective sets into motion an infinite number of events that are completely dependent upon the nature of their thoughts. The more desirable is the nature of a person's thoughts, the more desirable are the events they set into motion throughout their lifetime.

For this reason, the people in your life whom you believe to be the very best of all the people you know are of extreme importance to the world as a whole. These people are responsible for much of the goodness that exists in the world and they truly do make the world a better place. Additionally, the state of the world is dependent upon their happiness. The happier these individuals become, the more desirable the world in general becomes.

This particular phenomenon gives way to a rather advantageous opportunity for you to not only improve the world in which you live, but also simultaneously improve the quality of your life as well. To take advantage of this opportunity, all that one must do is start envisioning an especially desirable person of exceptional character being as happy as you can possibly imagine them being. As you do so, you will not only add to their happiness as you consider it thoroughly, but you will also simultaneously experience a similar degree of happiness yourself thereby greatly improving your quality of life.