Who You Truly Are

While many people closely associate themselves with where they are right now in life, you are actually much more than this limited perspective of existence. This greater perspective of existence comes in the form of your higher self, the person you have always dreamed of becoming.

This higher ideal you hold in your mind can easily be identified as who you truly are, because it is from this perspective that you feel as if you are who you truly want to be. You can witness this phenomenon for yourself by imagining being exactly where you want to be in life right now. As you imagine being exactly where you want to be, you will likely notice a transformation in the way you feel and you will likely also notice that you are far more comfortable enjoying this state of being than you are experiencing your present reality.

This state of being paints a much better portrait of who you truly are, because who you are as you maintain this state of being matches your highest ideals. You can use this information to better understand the thoughts and feelings you have as your attention is given to your present circumstances. Along with gaining a greater understanding of the causes of the thoughts and feelings you have from your present perspective, you can also now begin to strive to better match the thoughts and feelings you would maintain if you were living the life you have always wanted to live, a life that perfectly matches your full potential self.