Path Of Least Resistance

There are many paths in life you can take, but not all paths are as easy to follow as the path of least resistance. If you choose to follow the path of least resistance, you will find that which you give your attention entering your life experience much faster overall, for as you give your attention to your path of least resistance, you will only be giving your attention to that which you want and you will not be giving any of your attention to the lack of it.

If life seems to be calling you in a certain direction, you have the option to either follow it with the greatest of ease and very few contradictory thoughts, or you can choose to go into another direction that may be very difficult and filled with an unending onslaught of contradicting thoughts. The path of least resistance in your life is generally fairly obvious, for it is the path that every person and every experience in your life seems to be pushing you towards. For example, if everything in the world seems to be pointing in the direction of you getting a job, you would likely find the task of following that path to be rather easy to follow. If everything in your life seems to be pushing you towards a certain calling, such as a writer, a teacher, a student, etc., then you would likely find the task of following that particular life path very easy to follow as well.

On the other hand, if everything seems to be pushing you into one direction, such as getting a job, but you decide to push against the idea and try to think about being rich without getting a job, you will likely find your thoughts constantly contradicting each other and thus you will find this particular path to be very difficult to follow. This path of least resistance was essentially created by you. The life path you have given the greatest amount of attention throughout your lifetime leading up to this moment in time is your present path of least resistance.

It is possible to change the direction you go in by changing your focus to thus change the direction your path of least resistance takes you, but this process takes time, a lot of focus, and a complete devotion to the goal at hand. With these tools at your disposal, you will be able to overcome the contradictory thoughts and experiences you attract that are based on points of focus you have given your attention in the past and you will ultimately be able to create a new path of least resistance that leads directly to the fulfillment of your desires.