Thought Chains And Event Chains

A series of thoughts that are similar in nature and arise in order can be labeled as thought chains. A series of events that are similar in nature and arise in order can be labeled as event chains. Thought chains occur as you harmonize with a specific vibration. By harmonizing with a specific vibration, you maintain a certain feeling long enough to generate another thought that is vibrationally similar to the thought that preceded it. Then, this process repeats itself to generate a third thought and a thought chain is born.

As a series of vibrationally similar thoughts arise in order, they lead to your harmonizing with the vibration of those specific thoughts, meaning you personally vibrate in harmony with them, and this harmonization makes you feel the way the average vibration of those thoughts makes you feel. Since your point of attraction is the way you feel, the feeling that is generated by a thought chain then generates an experience that matches the vibration of the thought chain.

As you give your attention to the manifestation that results from a thought chain, you begin to vibrate in harmony with the vibration of the experience even further, and this vibrational harmonizing leads to a second manifestation, a second experience of a vibration that is similar to the experience that preceded it. When this process goes on to generate a third experience that is vibrationally similar to the two preceding experiences, an event chain is born.