A Useful Law Of Attraction Technique

Sometimes it can be fairly difficult to give your undivided attention to what you want due to a distracting environment and unwanted vibrations entering your environment. To avoid these issues, do something to get away from the vibrations you usually come across in your environment. Put on a pair of headphones or take a shower in order to do so. This will muffle the sound of surrounding vibrations and help you focus on what you want.

Then, imagine yourself being in an imaginary environment that perfectly matches the vibrational frequency of your desires. To do this process, first identify the essence of your desire. For example, if you want to be rich, find the vibrational essence of what it is like to be rich. Next, assign a color to the environment that seems to naturally match the vibrational essence of your desire.

While muffling the sounds of your environment so that no vibrations can be observed by you besides the vibrational essence of your desire, give all of your attention to the vibrational essence of your desire. Imagine it surrounding you and going through you. Imagine everything around you in all directions matching the vibrational essence of your desire. By engaging in this process, you will quickly and completely improve the way you feel by vibrationally aligning with the frequency of your desire.