How To Keep Your Life The Same

Keeping your life the same is a rather easy task to complete when you know how the Universe works. Many people keep their lives the same throughout their lifetimes and they do this by giving their attention to what is. If there is something in your life you have already manifested and you would like to keep your life the same going into the future, you just have to give your attention to what you want to fulfill your dreams.

If there is a set of circumstances you find to be favorable, or there is someone in your life you want to keep around, you just have to give your attention to them and you will continue to get more of the same going into the future. By giving your attention to the subjects you want to keep in your life while feeling very good, you can be certain the experiences you attract into your life involving those subjects will also feel good as well.

This occurs, because everything in your life experience is energy vibrating at a specific frequency. Even the desirable experiences and people you have already manifested are vibrating at a specific frequency. As you give these experiences or people your attention, you vibrate in harmony with them while doing so and you can see this effect in action by observing the way you feel as you give these experiences and people your attention.

By giving your attention to these people and experiences in your present reality, you will feel very good while doing so since these experiences match your desires. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, and the future experiences you are attracting will make you feel the same way you presently feel, you can be certain you are attracting experiences that match your desires by giving these desirable experiences your attention in the present moment.