Step By Step Attraction

Step by step attraction is the process of first working on transforming your personal vibration and then moving onto transforming the vibration of your environment. Many people find the process of attracting negative circumstances to be much easier to do than the process of attracting positive circumstances. This occurs, because when people think negatively, they generally start small and as the Universe begins to answer their asking in response to their giving of attention to negative bad feeling thoughts, they then begin to jump to stronger negative thoughts and the attraction between themselves and the negative thoughts they are giving their attention becomes even stronger as a result.

When attempting to manifest positive thoughts though, many people generally attempt to jump to extremely high positive thoughts and they attempt to change the entire world in a moment's notice. Then, as a result of this jump, they encounter resistance to their thoughts in their life experience due to their continued attraction of negative thoughts and this hampers their ability to keep their focus on the extremely positive thoughts they create.

For this reason, you should take the process you use to attract negative thoughts and apply it to positive thoughts instead. As a result of doing so, you will be able to transform your personal vibration by starting with small thoughts that will not face very much resistance. As you become more attuned to the positive thoughts you are thinking though, you will then be able to take your manifesting to the next level by transforming your immediate environment to make it a better match to the manifestations you would like to see in your life experience.

Then, once you have engaged in the step of transforming your immediate environment, you will be in a position where you can begin to extend your reach a little bit farther by changing the world beyond your immediate environment in a way that matches your desires. At this point, the attraction between yourself and what you are manifesting will be fairly strong and you will be able to extend your reach even farther without facing too much resistance while doing so. Eventually, you will be able to extend your reach to match your grandest desires and the entire world will be transformed to match your dreams.