Mysteries Of The Brain

One of the most complex and difficult issues science has yet to tackle is the mystery of the brain. Today, brain scientists are finding the task of mapping extremely small portions of the brain to be practically impossible. Top scientists studying in this area have openly declared their skepticism about whether or not the brain can truly ever be fully understood due to its infinite complexity. With the many advances that have been made in physics over the last century though, it is now clear how the brain and all of its functions actually work.

The brain is a collective mass of vibrating energy. The various vibrational frequencies at which the brain vibrates depicts its physical structure, but more importantly, these vibrational frequencies depict the type of thoughts individuals experience each and every day. The thought a person is giving their attention in the present moment is the dominant vibrational frequency of the brain at that particular moment in time. Along with maintaining this dominant vibrational frequency, the brain still has access to nearly any vibrational frequency in existence.

As a person gives their attention to any particular subject, their brain begins to vibrationally harmonize with that subject. The speed at which the brain harmonizes with a subject is dependent upon the amount of focus a person gives to differing subjects as well as their sensitivity and their ability to focus in the moment on a single subject. As the brain focuses on a specific vibrational frequency, it begins to harmonize with that particular vibrational frequency and the dominant vibration of the brain is altered. As a result of this alteration to the brain's vibrational frequency, a new range of thoughts becomes available to the mind.

Examples of this process include memory and learning. As you give your attention to a particular memory, you begin to harmonize with the vibrational frequency of that memory and you gain access to numerous additional memories that are a close vibrational match to the initial memory being recalled. Basically, as you remember something from the past, you will ultimately gain access to more memories that are associated with the first memory being recalled as a result of your brain becoming increasingly harmonized with the vibrational frequency of the initial memory.

When you perform research for the purpose of learning, you begin to vibrationally harmonize with the subject you are giving your attention. As a result of this harmonization, you begin to gain access to more thoughts that are related to the topic being studied and this attraction of additional thoughts leads to new insights as a result of the numerous vibrations of varying frequencies within the brain becoming mixed thereby producing vibrations of a newly established frequency.