Baseline Thought Vibrations

Baseline thought vibrations, the thoughts you return to on a regular basis, play a dominant role in defining your point of attraction, the way you feel. If you choose to commonly return to watching TV, working, thinking the same old thoughts, thinking about the same people, etc., your point of attraction will remain the same and thus your experiences will continue to repeat themselves due to that vibration consistently playing a role in defining your personal vibrational frequency.

For this reason, if you truly want to attract a specific experience into your life, you should do your best to make the vibration of that experience, the fundamental vibrational essence of that experience or the way that experience would make you feel were you currently experiencing it right now, the baseline vibration to which you return on a regular basis when you are not giving your attention to other vibrations.

In those moments when your mind is not preoccupied with a particular subject, such as when you are standing in a line, waiting for another, looking for something to do, or when you find yourself with any free time whatsoever, instead of naturally turning your attention to the topics you would normally give your attention, your current vibrational baseline, give your attention to what it is you want, the vibration of that which you desire, such as thoughts, ideas, and experiences that make you feel as if you already have what it is you want, to reset your personal point of attraction and your vibrational baseline. Your use of this process will ultimately increase the speed at which your desires manifest by displacing vibrations of old with the vibration of your desire.