The Power Of Action

Action can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, but if you do not know how to properly apply action to your life, you may find the process of manifesting your dreams to be somewhat more challenging than it would be otherwise. The reason for this is due to your personal alignment with your desires.

In order for action to produce desirable results, you must be aligned with your desires before you take action. In order to align with your desires, you need to find the feeling you would be feeling were your dreams a reality for you right now.

Then, once you feel as if you already have what you want, take any action you can from that perspective. This will result in the creation of actions that are vibrationally similar to your desires. This vibrational alignment will then ultimately align you to an even greater extent with your desires, for as you give your desires and these actions your attention, you will begin to vibrate in harmony with them to an even greater degree.

If your actions are in vibrational harmony with your desires, focusing upon them will lead to the manifestation of your desires, because your life experience always matches the way you feel and when you are vibrationally aligned with your desires, you feel as if they have already manifested.

It is also important to note that action taken from a place of misalignment is generally going to yield results that are not aligned with your desires, because action from a place of misalignment will make you align with a different point of attraction and this will generate different life experiences than you would generate from a place of alignment.

As you give your attention to an action that is not vibrationally aligned with your desires, you begin to vibrate in harmony with the vibrational frequency of the action and thus attract experiences that match that vibrational frequency, experiences that match the way the action makes you feel.

To completely harness the power of the law of attraction, you should do your best to search for thoughts that are a vibrational match to your desires, thoughts that make you feel as if you already have what you want. Once you have found these thoughts, give them as much attention as you possibly can until you are completely vibrationally aligned with them.

Once you are vibrationally aligned with your desires, it will become easier for you to focus upon your desires to find the feeling of their fulfillment. Once these steps have been completed, you will be attracting many ideas concerning actions you can take from where you are that are vibrationally harmonized with your desires.