Vision Jumping Manifesting

Vision jumping is the process of imagining a scenario you want to jump into, such as a vacation spot. To make this process even more powerful though, choose a vision that is vibrationally similar to a goal you want to manifest. Then, as you imagine being in the scenario you have envisioned, utilize the Midas Touch process, visualization techniques, and any manifesting technique you enjoy using from that imagined state.

This will allow for you to take advantage of the initial and secondary thought power process, the process whereby every thought you think is followed by a second matching thought, for as you visualize yourself manifesting your dream life from within an imagined scenario that matches your desires, you will begin to attract many thoughts that match these initial visualizations.

This process will make you feel better as you think about your desires too, because there will be less resistance incorporated into your focus and you will find the entire process to be very enjoyable and powerful as a result. This process will also help you attain a state whereby the vibrations of your dreams will be permeating your body at a much faster pace as well and this effect will be indicated by the feelings you feel as you engage in vision jumping manifesting.