A Direction Of Purpose

A direction of purpose is the process of choosing a specific goal you want to direct a large proportion of your focus towards. By engaging in this process, you will be able to avoid giving your attention to peripheral points of focus and you will be able to hone in on a subject of your choosing and thus attract it to a greater extent as a result.

Without a direction of purpose, peripheral subjects will commonly find their way into the center of your attention. For instance, without a direction of purpose, you may find yourself wanting to watch TV and once you do so, the TV and the subjects being shown on it will then make their way into the center of your focus and thus become your primary point of attraction.

With a direction of purpose though, you will always have a desirable point of focus towards which your attention may be directed whenever you want to attract your desires into your life, and by centralizing your focus around a desirable topic, you will attract experiences involving that topic into your life to a remarkable degree.