Massively Multiplayer Game

If you have ever played a video game in the past decade, you have likely come across a massively multiplayer role playing game at some point. These games can be incredibly useful if you are trying to create the life of your dreams, because they represent a simple outline of the real structure of the Universe. In these games, players are exposed to contrast, including special items, new places to visit, and even entirely new worlds. By familiarizing yourself with the general structure of the universes massively multiplayer games are played within, you can then get a better picture and a better understanding of your own universe.

In games, players are exposed to currency and uniquely desirable items. The existence of currency and unique items spurs players on to strive to attain these goods. As a result, players often discern what they need to do in order to obtain their desired goods and then they take those actions to complete their goals. If you are manifesting your desires in the real world, the process by which you can manifest your desires is very similar to the process used by gamers attempting to manifest currency and unique goods.

Just as the gamer would do, you should define your goals and then give these goals your undivided attention. As you do so, you will develop a plan by which you can go about accomplishing your dreams. Then, once you have developed a plan by which you can accomplish your goals, you can follow that plan until your goals are met.

For example, if you were in a massively multiplayer role playing game and there was a highly desirable legendary fishing rod you can obtain in the game, but in order to do so, you must complete a quest whereby you need to acquire 10,000 fish, you would establish a plan involving fishing consistently until you reach your goal of 10,000 fish. The same goes for real life too. If you have established a goal for yourself whereby you want to collect 10,000 dollars, you can establish a plan involving your collecting of a certain amount of money each time you take an action and you can then repeat that action until your goal of 10,000 dollars has been met. 

This process will help you organize your goals and it will also help you to create an actionable plan that will consistently move you towards the fulfillment of your desires. Along with helping you achieve your goals, this process will also help you view life in a more playful and relaxed manner. By doing so, you will be able to easily improve the way you feel as you manifest your dreams by thinking about them and you will also be able to take action with greater ease due to the good feelings you will harbor within yourself while doing so.