Peace And Quiet

Peace and quiet can provide you with the opportunity to have absolute control over the vibrations you interact with. All of the vibrations you come across in your daily life experience affect the way you think and feel and thus affect the type of experiences you attract into your life.

By finding peaceful and quiet spaces to be in, you can control the vibrations you interact with by purposefully directing your thoughts. If you direct your attention towards desirable vibrations, desirable good feeling thoughts, you will alter your personal point of attraction, the way you feel, in a desirable manner and will thus attract desirable experiences into your life as a result.

One alternative to finding a peaceful and quiet place to be in is the process of placing yourself in an area that is filled with desirable vibrational frequencies. Places filled with desirable vibrational frequencies make you feel good. Thus, places where good feeling music is playing, places where good feeling people surround you, or places where the ambiance makes you feel good can improve your point of attraction and help you focus on desirable vibrational frequencies in the form of thoughts that make you feel good.