The Nature Of Alignment

Alignment is the permeation of good feeling vibrations throughout the body and mind. It can also be said that alignment is the absence of negative bad feeling vibrations permeating throughout the body.

Thus, if you choose to align with a high, pure, and fast good feeling vibrational frequency, a frequency that must permeate the body before matching experiences can manifest, you must disallow the permeation of negative vibrations throughout your body by withdrawing your attention from points of focus that trigger negative bad feeling vibrations within you.

You can do this by centering your focus on points of focus that allow good feeling positive vibrations to permeate your body. In simple terms, those who are wealthy focus upon thoughts of being and feeling wealthy continuously, because they focus on and feel the corresponding feelings associated with wealth at all times. Thus, to manifest your desire, you must do the same in order for your manifestation to be fulfilled.