Instinctual Attraction

Just as emotions are vibrations, instincts too are vibrations. The sensations and feelings you associate with a topic are your instincts. The flashing thoughts you think as you give a subject your attention are also your instincts.

Instincts are made from energy vibrating at specific frequencies. These minute fast moving vibrations can provide you with an excellent source of guidance. By interpreting vibrations at this level, you can easily identify points of focus that will benefit you to the greatest extent possible, because you can quickly identify the most desirable best feeling points of focus available to you from this perspective.

While instinctual awareness can be used to guide your focus into favorable directions, you can also use it to get a better sense of what it would be like to experience the fulfillment of your desires.

As you give your desires your attention, the first bits of information you receive as you focus upon them are your instincts kicking in. At this point, you can become aware of new sensations, feelings, and thoughts regarding the topic you are focusing upon.

If you are giving your attention to your desires though, this part of the process can potentially feel very good and you can easily purify your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, by giving your attention to the pure essence of your desires that is isolated as this process is being performed. The pure essence of your desires is the set of initial thoughts and feelings that are generated as you give your attention to your desires and you can quickly align with your desires by giving your attention to their pure essence in this form.