Reversed Aging

Since everything in existence is energy vibrating at various frequencies, you too are made from energy vibrating at various frequencies. The frequency at which you vibrate depicts the circumstances of your life experiences, but it also depicts your physical appearance and level of fitness as well.

For this reason, aging is a change in the personal vibrational frequency you emit. With aging in particular though, the change that occurs as time progresses is undesirable. Since the way you feel is your vibrational frequency, you can observe aging firsthand by observing changes in the way you feel over time.

Due to the undesirable nature of aging and its corresponding vibrational frequencies that cause this change to occur, aging can be felt as an undesirable feeling, a bad feeling. Thus, whenever you feel bad, you are at that moment aging as your personal vibrational frequency is changed to match the undesirable vibrational frequencies you are giving your attention through your thought.

While aging is deemed to be a natural process, it only occurs due to your willingness to think undesirable thoughts, thoughts that make you feel bad. If you were to simply take control of your thoughts and only give your attention to points of focus that make you feel good, you would then be able to reverse the aging process.

Reversed aging is the process of replacing lower and slower vibrational frequencies found within your personal vibrational frequency with higher and faster vibrational frequencies that feel better. Thus, whenever you feel good, you are at that moment experiencing reversed aging.

In order to maximize the extent to which you experience reversed aging, you should maximize the amount of good feelings you feel on a regular basis. By thinking the best thoughts you can find, thoughts that make you feel very good, you will be able to regularly experience reversed aging. Plus, the more you engage in the process of thinking the best feeling thoughts you can find, the more you will experience reversed aging.