Big Dreams And Everyday Life

If you develop big dreams, the harmonizing of your everyday life experiences with your dreams should be undertaken. For instance, if you develop the dream of becoming successful, but then choose to hang out with people that are disharmonized with your desires, such as friends who constantly crack jokes at your expense, you are giving your attention to vibrations that are not harmonized with outstanding success.

It becomes more difficult for your dreams to become a reality in this type of environment, because it is more difficult for you to harmonize yourself with the vibration of success in this type of environment. Even though jokes made by others are often made with the intention of them being funny, they are not as harmonized with success as would be the experience of focusing on being successful, or the experience of having others talk about your success.

The same goes for those who say it is intelligent to assess the reality of a situation when attempting to convince others that their dreams are just folly. For instance, if you have a dream and you are unsure about how it will manifest, someone may say to you that the reality of the situation does not support the dream.

These thoughts of assessing the present state of reality are not harmonized with success to the degree that thoughts about success are. For this reason, you should do your best to mold your everyday life experiences to better match your grandest dreams.

By removing points of focus that are not harmonized with your grandest dreams, and by focusing on points of focus that are harmonized with your grandest dreams, your personal vibrational frequency will better match the vibrational frequency of your dreams and you will feel as if your grandest dreams have already manifested. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, your grandest dreams will manifest much faster as a result of engaging in this process.