Unlimited Thinking

If you have recently become aware of the law of attraction, you have likely attempted to apply this law to your life in a rather reasonable and practical manner thus far. Positive thinking and the directing of thought towards specific goals in life that are important to you can be quite powerful in its own right, but unlimited thinking can be even more beneficial to your life experience if you take advantage of it.

Unlimited thinking is a way of thinking that goes above and beyond logic and practicalities. Rather than thinking in a logical and practical manner, you can utilize your imagination to explore areas of the infinite intelligence known as life to uncover new experiences that no one before you has ever witnessed.

For example, rather than simply thinking about being wealthy, you can think about being wealthy on a Universal scale. You can think about being so wealthy that you can create projects involving outer space or you can think about becoming so wealthy that you own plots of land the size of entire countries.

You can apply this process to every area of your life. Rather than maintaining a rather limited perspective of the world around you, you can begin picturing everything you come across being larger than life. For example, you can identify the essence of a superhero and picture people in your life matching it to view life from an entirely new perspective.

While not being entirely practical, these thoughts can help you find extremely good feeling points of attraction and thus greatly improve your life experience. The way you feel is your point of attraction. As you improve the way you feel through the unlimited thinking of the most fantastic and best feeling thoughts you can find, your life experience will transform to match and become filled with remarkably good feeling experiences.