Buddha Blast

One of the most powerful processes you can use to have a direct effect on your personal vibrational frequency and thus the vibrational frequency of the entire world around you is the Buddha Blast process. This process is very simple and it becomes more powerful over time as you perfect it.

In order to engage in this process, you will first need to identify a topic or point of focus you want to align with and attract into your life. Once you have identified the topic you want to align with, take the time to deeply familiarize yourself with this topic until you can easily and clearly identify its vibrational essence.

The vibrational essence of your desire may come in the form of a color, thought, feeling, or experience. Once you have identified the vibrational essence of your desire, you will be able to focus on it and magnify it at will to experience it even more extensively.

As you are immersed within this vibrational frequency, you will then be able to magnify it to an incredible extent so that it almost feels as if the essence of your desire is bursting forth from your body throughout the immediate and distant Universe. This bursting energy is a Buddha Blast.

Buddha Blasts can also be directional in nature. To direct this energy in specific directions, complete the process of creating a Buddha Blast, but at the instant you let the energy burst forth, visualize it going into the direction of your choosing.

You can also use Buddha Blasts to address specific health issues as well. To do so, complete the process of creating a directional Buddha Blast, but visualize the energy flowing into the desired portion of your body. Repeat as desired. Plus, you can use it to simply maintain your spirits and a refreshed state of health by applying a directional Buddha Blast to your entire body repeatedly throughout each day as desired.