Vibrational Harmonization

Vibrational harmonization is the process whereby you identify a vibrational frequency and then do your best to match it with the thoughts you think. You can do this with any point of focus, such as various subjects, goals, desires, etc.

In order to do so, simply identify the vibrational frequency you want to match by imagining experiencing that vibrational frequency in your life experience. Once you know how that experience feels, you can then select thoughts and points of focus that make you feel the same feeling to match that vibrational frequency with your thoughts.

If you were to chart the vibrational frequency you want to match along with the vibrational frequency of your present focus, the two should be straight lines across the chart with the desired vibrational frequency being higher upon the chart due to its higher, faster, purer, and better feeling nature. Then, you can identify the points along the chart where the individual thoughts you think should reside based on the way they make you feel to easily tell whether or not they match the desired vibrational frequency.

Whenever your thoughts match or exceed that vibrational frequency, you can be certain at that moment you are moving towards desirable life experiences that will be similar in nature, or perhaps even more desirable, than the selected vibrational frequency you are matching with your thoughts. This process will ultimately harmonize your point of attraction, the way you feel, with the desired vibrational frequency and since you are always attracting experiences that match the way you feel, this will result in the attraction of experiences into your life that match the selected vibrational frequency.