The Nature Of Aging

As your thoughts become more negative over time, you age. Negative thoughts, bad feeling thoughts, are the cause of aging. The subtlety of the transformation of an individual's thoughts into negative patterns has caused this correlation between aging and negative thoughts to previously go unseen.

The extension in the average person's lifespan that has arisen in recent years is a direct result of the improvements in the quality of life the average person enjoys. Thus, to increase the average lifespan of humans, an improvement in their quality of life, and thus a reduction in negative thought, becomes necessary.

Since one must tap into the vibrational frequency they want their life experience to match before desirable experiences can manifest, society and the individual must vibrationally align themselves with an improved quality of life in order to achieve an extension of the average person's lifespan.

While this process is already happening naturally as those who look into the future often create positive expectations that will manifest as a result of their focus upon them, this process can be sped up to a much more rapid pace by society's and the individual's greater allowance of thoughts concerning improvements to their quality of life. The more an individual focuses on improvements to their quality of life, the more positive good feeling emotion, reversed aging, they will experience and the longer their life will become.