The Future Is Constantly Changing

While you can easily predict your own future by using the thoughts you think, with each thought defining the essence of the future experiences you are attracting, the future is nonetheless constantly changing. It is constantly changing, because the thoughts you give your attention are constantly changing.

Thus, you can predict your own future and the future of the entire world from your perspective throughout your lifetime by using your own thoughts, but the predictions will only be accurate to the extent your predictions account for future changes that will be made in your focus.

If your focus were to remain constant, the future would remain the same, but due to the ever changing nature of the way individuals choose to focus, the future remains ever changing. Even so, the predictability of future events can be manipulated with ease.

For instance, if you want to make an event more likely to occur, simply give more of your attention to the event. The more attention you give to any event, the more likely it becomes the event will occur. Plus, the more consistent your focus becomes, the more consistent and predictable your future experiences become. By giving as much attention to your desires as you possibly can, the likelihood of their manifesting will be increased and a future where your desires will manifest becomes more predictable.