Vibrational Leverage

As is the case with most actions you take and many of the thoughts you think, you often only do specific things for specific reasons. For instance, you go to work because you will get money in return.

By using this power of leveraging, you can manifest your desires with greater ease. For example, if you want to be rich, you can use vibrational leveraging by identifying the reason why you want to be rich so that you will give your attention to the idea of being rich more frequently and in a more intense fashion.

If there is a person you want to be in a romantic relationship with and you believe being wealthy will assist you in the accomplishing of this goal, you can use the idea of being with the person as vibrational leverage to help you align with wealth. As you think about the person, you will want to be with them to such an extent that you will willingly give your attention to being wealthy so that you may think about being with them with greater ease.

This can be done with all types of goals too. For instance, to attract wealth, you can also identify a specific property you want to own, or a specific car, or a specific lifestyle, and then give your attention to being wealthy knowing very clearly why you are focusing on being wealthy.