Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice has been attracted unto you just as all your thoughts are attracted unto you. As you first learned to read, you pondered words that eventually became thoughts and as you learned to read more efficiently, faster, you begin to incorporate your inner voice into the experience since you could read faster and more effectively by doing so.

As this process continued though, you begin to attract thoughts about that which you read as you came across experiences that were similar in nature to the topics you read about. This trail of events then ultimately led to your thinking of thoughts in the form of words, audio hallucinations occurring solely in the mind.

As you think thoughts in this manner though, you attract vibrationally similar thoughts, thoughts that come in the form of words spoken in the mind through audio hallucinations. Thus, unless you wish to continue to attract thoughts of this nature, you should do your best to focus on thoughts you would like to think again in the future, thoughts that make you feel the way you want to feel, such as the way you would feel if your desires were to be fulfilled. Then, the attraction of vibrationally similar thoughts and experiences that match will result.

You can also take advantage of the fact that the way you presently feel as you think a thought is the way you will feel in the future. To do so, think thoughts using your inner voice in a way that makes you feel good, or perhaps even the way you would feel if your desires were a reality for you right now. By doing so, you will then attract matching thoughts and experiences. For example, the bliss method, the process of saying the word "bliss" in your mind while thinking about your desires, can be used to generate impressive results in just such a fashion.