Repeating Experiences

The deliberate repetition of experiences through thought can be a powerful method for creating your future. To make this process as powerful as possible, try to identify moments that epitomize your idea of that which you find to be desirable.

For instance, you can identify the best day in your life to date. If you are manifesting a desire that is more specific than a day where you will be very happy throughout, such as a specific goal, you can visualize an experience you had in the past that epitomizes the goal you want to fulfill and you can also visualize experiences that epitomize success in the ventures you undertake.

For instance, if you play baseball, you can identify a previous game where you were exceptionally satisfied with the sequence of events that occurred. As you give your attention to a previous game you consider to be the best game ever, or a game you consider to epitomize the desires you want to fulfill, you will be able to easily align with the vibrational frequency of your desire and feel the same feelings you felt, the same vibrations, while experiencing those previous games to thereby attract matching experiences.